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Snuff Snuff by Terry Pratchett
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I’ve read a fair bit of Terry Pratchett and have a fondness for the city watch books. So I came to this book with a clear expectation of what was going to be involved and the general themes in the book. Sure enough I wasn’t disappointed.

If you’re going to criticise this book it probably on the basis that the book’s formula is now reasonably weel known and at times feels derivative. The fact that a new race is involved will surprise no regular Pratchett reader nor will the manner and form of Vime’s travel through the narrative. If you want a great departure from classic Pratchett you’re not going to find it here. Lord Rust and the magistrates are particularly flimsy characters and it’s hard not to feel like the they could have been better used.

Having said that the book is likeable, the characters are suitably Pratchett and the cameos are effectively woven together to make you feel very familiar with the book. It’s a kind of cosiness that makes you forgive the book’s warts and appreciate it’s style.

Nice book, totally what you expect it to be.

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  1. The downside is that most of his books are relaly, relaly good. Night Watch , Guards! Guards! , Feet of Clay , Reaper Man , Interesting Times , Lords & Ladies , Carpe Jugulum , and others are great books, both amusing and full of deep insight into the human condition. No one relaly knows how they’ll handle the certainty of debilitating illness and death when it comes. But I suspect secular humanism is not terribly effective preparation for that day. And euthanasia is a bad response to that kind of news it’s a short step from I choose to die to we choose for you to die due to (cost savings/genetic impairment/ethnic cleansing/quality of life) .

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